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Getting Pre-Approved involves gathering the necessary documentation and having a lender review and underwrite the file.  Since no property is under contact, the lender will use a "To Be Determined" address, with a sales price and loan amount of your choice.  Because most of the leg work is done prior to being under contract, Pre-Approvals are much stronger than just being Pre-Qualified.  Get a leg up negotiating the new home purchase - get Pre-Approved!

To get started, here is what documentation is needed:

Personal Information

Completed Loan Application (Apply at

Signed Borrower Certification and Authorization (click here).

Copies of all borrowers’ Drivers’ Licenses and Social Security cards.

E-mail addresses for all borrowers and spouse(s), even if not on loan (must receive and consent to final numbers).

Income Documentation (As Applicable)

Most recent pay stubs covering 30-day period.

If Borrower has Bonus/Commission/Overtime income, HR Contact that can complete “Verification of Employment” evidencing two year history.

Last two years W-2 forms.

Last two years personal and company (if applicable) Tax Returns (with all Pages and Schedules Attached) SIGNED AND DATED.

Year to Date Income and Expense Statement (Profit & Loss) and Balance Sheet. Must be signed by preparer.

Proof of Social Security, Pension, or Disability Income. Please provide copies of award letters and checks.

Asset Documentation (As Applicable)

Two most recent months bank/asset statements - all pages (even if blank). Please include Savings, Checking, Investment, Stock, Mutual Fund, 401(k), IRA, Keogh Accounts, etc.

Copy of canceled earnest money check (front and back) and evidence check cleared account.

Real Estate Information (As Applicable)

Copy of Sales Contract - Subject Property.

Copy of Sales Contract - Current Home.

Settlement Statement for any property sold in last 12 months.

If currently renting, copies of last 12 months of canceled checks evidencing rent payments along with copy of lease (purchase transaction).

For rental properties owned, copy of current lease (expired leases must be accompanied by signed extensions) along with insurance policies evidencing annual premium and annual tax property tax bill.

Questionnaire for Condo/Townhome - Completed by Management Company.

Letters of Explanation – Signed (As Applicable)

Gift form completed and signed; paper trail of funds transfer; and donor's most recent bank statement evidencing ability to give gift.

Credit Problems.

Reason for Cash-out.

Gap in Employment/Job History.

Increase in Account Balance/Large Deposits (with paper trail of non-payroll deposits).

Recent Inquiries (please state each by name and if any new debt was obtained) – will request after credit is pulled.

Other Information (As Applicable)

Homeowner’s insurance agent contact information.

Divorce Decree and Separation Agreement.

Complete bankruptcy papers (filing and discharge) along with signed letter of explanation.

If paying off a second mortgage, copy of HUD-1/Settlement Statement from closing evidencing second was used to purchase or was a cash-out.

If re-subordinating a second mortgage, copy of Promissory “Note”.

Copy most recent mortgage statement for all loans.

FHA Loans

Copy of HUD-1/Settlement Statement from last closing (refinance transaction).

VA Loans

Copy of DD-214.

Certificate of Eligibility.

USDA Loans

Signed letter stating number of adults and children, under 18, that will live in the household.

Last three pay stubs for ALL adults living in household (regardless if on the loan).

Last two years tax returns for all borrowers – all pages.

1x Close Construction Loans

Cost breakdown.


Contract with builder.

Lot Purchase contract/Copy of Settlement Statement/HUD from lot purchase.

Builder’s resume and contact info.

Completed draw schedule.

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